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Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs

The art of Mehndi has existed for centuries. The exact place of its origin is difficult to track because of centuries of people in different cultures moving through the continents and taking their art forms with them and therefore sharing their art with everyone along the way. 

Beauty parlours have special bridal mehendi packs - these days, the brides have a choice between the Indian mehendi (which covers pretty much most of the palm) and the Arabic mehendi (in which the pattern is drawn to one side of the hand). The cost of applying the mehendi / henna may vary from parlour to parlour

This is a designs of mehndi is for teen age girls like 20-30 year old in this current fashion of 2011-2012. Because now a days you will find girls moving towards the old fashion which are new now a days.This mehndi designs is simple patterns which gives embroidered designs looks on it instead of filled and fine mehndi designs. The picture you see bellow is a designs which is filled with fine art with a leaves and flower patterns all over. These type of mehndi designs you can see during wedding season mostly.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs


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Target to get Apple-branded areas in 25 stores

Target to get Apple-branded areas in 25 stores

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With its recent struggles to recover from the hits it took during the American recession, Target is looking for way to lure more consumers into some of its larger retail stores. According to a “source familiar with Apple’s plans”, the retail giant has struck a deal with Cupertino to launch 25 Apple store-within-a-store outlets.
The deal is seen as a win-win for both companies as Apple can use the locations to expand into areas where the local economies are unable to support a stand-alone store. The advantage for Target is the additional consumers the uber-hip Apple outlets will bring through its doors.
via geek.com

Apple to Ship high-res iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October | OLiSwEll

Apple to Ship high-res iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October | wiki info

Tags : 2012, A6, Apple, battery, iPad 3, iPad 4, march, October, release, Retina Display, Rumor, two iPads, Android , component , iPad , Taiwan , Wintel

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for everyone to shift their focus onto the next big thing: the iPad 3. In the last week, we’ve already heard a (probably false) rumor that two new iPads will be launching in January, and another that has an iPad with upgraded cameras launching in March. Now we have yet another report: that a Retina display iPad 3 will launch in March, with an upgraded iPad 4 (or iPad 3 Pro?) launching in October.
The rumor — to be taken with many grains of salt — says that the iPad 3 will sport a Retina display (2048×1536, double the resolution of the first two iPads) and an extended battery. It also, however, says that other upgrades won’t be as exciting as many are expecting. What does that last part mean? It could mean that it won’t get an A6 processor (harder to believe than the other details), or that the form-factor won’t be much different from that of the iPad 2.
According to the report, the October iPad will be the one to truly behold. It says that the real battle for market share will take place among 2012′s second iPad, Windows 8 tablets, and Intel’s Clover Trail-W platform. The description of the alleged iPad 4 is vague: it merely says that it will have “much upgraded hardware specifications” and “integrated applications” (Siri, perhaps?).
Would Apple release two iPads in one year? It’s possible, but keep in mind that the same trade publication that ran this rumor also predicted a second iPad in 2011. That obviously didn’t happen. It sounds more likely in 2012, as there is expected to be tighter competition (from Windows 8, a Google tablet, and perhaps a larger Kindle Fire) than there was in 2011.
Yes, we’re getting into the season where iPad rumors fly in from all angles, with no indication of what’s plausible and what isn’t. Within the next month or two, it will build to a feverish pitch that will take us all back to last summer; that was when iPhone 5 rumors covered the entire gamut of possibilities. Prepare for exhaustion.

via geek.com
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