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Apple's new phone - Seriously, SIRI?

Apple's new phone -  Seriously, SIRI?

The iPhone 4S may not look any different from its predecessor, but it is Apple's only model with a sort of robot living inside.

Apple's new phone, which was announced on Tuesday to be sold in stores on October 14, will have a new function called Siri. The program lets people bark commands or ask questions to the phone, and it will provide an answer or ask follow-up questions in order to perform a given task.

The Japanese Twittersphere immediately took to calling the voice control app the three-letter word for derriere with some abandon. The kanji character 尻 soon cropped up below Siri as a trending topic on Twitter here. In the early hours after the announcement, one local Twitter wag user pointed out that when typing “Siri” into Google, the search engine asked “Did you mean: 尻?”


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