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Speedy Singhs’ movie review and its photos

Speedy Singhs’ movie review and its photos
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Speedy Singhs’ is the journey of an Indo-Canadian- Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani), who is torn between his traditional family beliefs and his dream career, in the sports of ice-hockey. His father Darvesh Singh (Anupam Kher), is his biggest hindrance as he wants him to make it big in Uncle Sammy’s (Gurpreet Guggi) truck business. Uncle Sam’s son-in-law, Sonu (Russell Peters) adds to Rajveer’s misery, courtesy the small tiff between them over Uncle’s business. In the course of time, when Rajveer finds no space in Canadian team, he builds up his own team of Sikhscalled Speedy Singhs with Dan Winters (Rob Lowe) as their coach. Now, will Rajveer be able to convince his father for his hockey career or will he go ahead against his father’s will, forms the rest of the story.   

The film comes perilously close to skidding off the edge time and again. If it doesn’t, it isn’t for any great merit in the script. It is just that the film’s ambitions are so limited that even when it hits the wall and collapses, it manages to pull itself up and return to the safety of its constricted sphere of operation. Speedy Singhs isn’t interested in going anywhere in particular.

If you happen to be in the mood for charity, you could actually look at this entire concoction quite differently. Speedy Singhs derives its plot conventions from a multiplicity of genres. It’s a sports flick, a family drama, a Hollywood rom-com and a fluffy, feel-good Bollywood ride all rolled in one. Take your pick.

Lead actor Vinay Virmani, likeable on the screen, turns in a competent performance, as do Kher and Lowe. American actress Camilla Belle, Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters and Indian-American actress Noureen DeWulf do their best within the limitations of the screenplay. But as with much else in Speedy Singhs, they end up being caricatures.


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