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Balika Vadhu 19th April 2011 Written Update | new serial Update

The episode begins with Phooli greeting DS, Sumitra and Gehna. They ask her if she is happy at her new home and if things are well. DS also asks Phooli not to leave before eating something. Phooli is very happy to hear this and tells DS that it was the first time that she has asked her to eat something so lovingly and so she will definitely not leave without eating. Phooli then goes to Anandi’s room to meet her. Phooli tells Anandi how happy she is at her new home and that she is now free from the life of a widow. Anandi is very happy to hear this.

They show a few scenes where Anandi is feeling very sick and in one such scene she faints and falls down. The family finally call a doctor to get her checked. The doctor tells the family that she is suffering from acidity and prescribes some medicines for the same.

The family is very worried about Anandi’s condition and feel that her condition is partly caused since she is away from Jagya. DS tells Bhairav to immediately call Jagya and inform him that they will be getting Anandi to Mumbai the very next day irrespective of whether he got a suitable house or not.

Jagya is having lunch with Gauri when Bhairav calls. Jagya excuses himself and walks away to talk to Bhairav. Bhairav informs Jagya that Anandi’s condition is not good and hence they feel that he (Jagya) will be in a better position to take care of her. Moreover they being together will also help her recovery. Bhairav also tells Jagya that he will stay back for a few days to help Jagya find a good place to stay. Jagya is very tensed on hearing this and tells Bhairav that if Anandi is so careless about her eating habits she is bound to fall ill and her coming to Mumbai will only make his and her condition worse since no one will be there to take care of her and his studies will also suffer. Bhairav gets angry at his response and snaps backs saying that he has not called Jagya to ask for his advice/opinion but is telling him what the family has decided, hence without any further discussion they will be reaching mumbai the very next day.

Jagya is completely upset and is recollecting all that his father just told him. he come back to the dinning table where. Gauri starts casually fooling around with him which makes him angry and he shouts at her. He then cools down and tells her that he is sorry and is feeling very uneasy. He tells her that he needs to be alone for sometime. Gauri is surprised.

Back in the Singh house, Anandi is sitting on the terrace thinking of Jagya. She makes a drawing of a monkey with turmeric sticks and writes “Nakte Bandar” below that. Sumitra comes there when she sees all this and realizes what Anandi was thinking of. She tells Anandi that she no longer has to stay away from Jagya and that she will be taken to Bombay the very next day. Anandi is happy.

Moral: parents are unable to gauge the growing distance between the relationship of their of their children (husband and wife). All that they do is try to somehow get them back together.

Precap: Jagya calls Anandi and tells her that the mistake they made after growing up was that they did not realize that their relationship was still of friendship (I could not watch the whole precap so if anyone else can post it, that will be great)


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