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Yeh Ishq Haaye 28th April 2011 Written Update

Manjari demands to know if he thought that it doesn’t bother her when he’s in pain.
And then they hug. Turns out, Akshay was imagining it all. He tells her to admit that she doesn’t care if he’s in pain.
She tells him that she was only feeling bad because of humanity. Now she’ll stop caring at all.

And then Akshay takes a tear from Manjari’s cheek and tells her to ask herself why she’s crying and for what relationship.

Akshay congratulates on the new job. Kabir tells them they are going to call. Anu is extremely happy. Kabir tells them that Mallika was the one who interviewed him. Apparently Mallika liked her song a lot. Anu explains how Mallika is and how she’s insecure. Pooja gets interested.
Pooja asks Manjari if Mallika has bothered her and Anu tells her that Mallika is trying her level best to get Manjari out of the office.
Pooja decides to find out about Mallika. She realizes Akshay’s phone might have Mallika’s number.

Manjari wakes up the next morning late. She realizes Pooja has left to go somewhere. She gets worried. She then asks Kabir and Anu but they don’t know. Manjari also tells them that she wasn’t picking up her phone either.

Pooja goes to meet Mallika and Mallika starts insulting Manjari. Pooja then tells her that she’s there to defend Manjari and that she wasn’t on the ground these days. She compliments Mallika making her happy. Pooja lies to Mallika that after the Lonavla presentation, she was going to overtake Mallika. Pooja suggests that her and Ranbir should stop giving Manjari encouragement. But otherwise, she was a very hardworking girl and also asks Mallika to take care of her. Mallika promises to take care of her so well that even her parents couldn’t have done so.

Pooja feels satisfied knowing that Manjari’s life was going to be torturous.


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