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Saas Bina Sasural 28th April 2011 Written Update

Rajan says that he breaks all ties with nitika and that the marriage is cancelled and walks off from there..ved tries to call him but he doesnt listen and leaves..nitika gets Shocked and faints..

ved gets nitika to her house..all are Shocked on seeing them..rajan’s mom taunts nitika’s parents and asks them to see as now everything is in front of them..nitika’s dad asks her what’s all this??her mom says that you’ve spoiled everything..nitika says no mom u r also mistaking me..her mom says everything is wrong and only u r right??y did u do this y??ved tries to answer but her dad asks him to stay out of all this..ved says that everyone is blaming poor nitika..her mom says that because she has done such a thing..nitika says no mom but her mom asks her not to call her mom and that she breaks all ties with nitika..rajan’s mom is happy seeing this..

ved asks nitika’s mom not to say such things for which she will repent later but she asks him to shut up and asks nitika to get out of the house and that the doors of this house is closed for her permanently and turn their back towards her…

at chatur house, tej is helping toasty with the pleates of her saree..she asks him to do it properly..he says that i dont have much experience in doing all this..she says u atleast try and asks him to do it properly… in the hall, pashu is reading out the newsheadlines to dadaji..prachin comes in a baniyan and asks pashu what he should wear for the marriage..pashu says wear this only as you look good in it infact remove the baniyan it will be even more better..prachin says what bhaiyya, and asks dadaji what he should wear..dadaji points to tej’s room and asks him to ask him..prachin says good idea and leaves..pashu continues to read the headlines..

prachin sees tej helping toasty and asks him if he’s asking her for forgiveness or is taking aashirwad from her..tej laughs ha ha ha..he calls him vanaspati and asks if he wishes to kill everyone with his joke??toasty LOL..tej asks cant u see im helping her??prachin says that if after marriage one needs to do this then im better single..tej asks toasty if she remembers the kahawat of grapes being bitter??prachin asks meaning??tej pulls prachin towards him and says that meaning no girl would be ready to marry you so by saying that i dont want to marry and am not interested in it you are consoling yourself dear..prachin says bhaiyya you dont know in college all girls die on me..tej says not on you but on seeing you..

toasty asks tej to be fair and says that prachin is not that bad..prachin says ya and then realizes and asks not that meaning??he asks her if she is also supporting tej??toasty smiles and says that she is just joking and that he doesnt have to make such faces..

gyan comes out and asks dadaji if what he’s wearing is ok or not??dadaji says one minute and comes closer to gyan and says let me set your hair..gyan says ive just set it..dadaji holds his nose and asks gyan if he had some churan??gyan says ive kept it in a box in your room..pashu says the smell of it is coming from your clothes..dadaji asks gyan to spray some perfume..gyan asks who will have??both dadaji and pashu point to tej..he leaves and pashu continues to read the headlines..chedi comes down from his room and asks where is everyone and if they are ready or not??toasty says pitaji has started to call, ill give pitaji soup and come and asks prachin to get ready meanwhile..

tej opens his cupboard and asks what do u need??gyan says bhaiyya perfume..tej says chote u r also there..take take whatever you want as everything is for u..toasty comes with soup and gives it to dadaji, pashu and pitaji..pitaji asks why soup and if we wont get food at the marriage??she says we will but it will be late so have soup for now..she tells pashu that she has kept their dinner on the table..chedi is making faces to have soup so dadaji asks him to have it as doctor has asked him not to have food from outside..

pashu asks them to leave as they are from girls’s side so they need to reach before baarat reaches..tej, gyan and prachin also come out..toasty says we’ll leave but then let ved come and then we’ll leave together…chedi also wonders where ved is and says that he had long time before after collecting payment..he asks if he went back to the store and asks tej??tej says ill call and is about to call when ved comes home..gyan says ved came..chedi asks where were you and suddenly sees nitika behind him..all are Shocked on seeing her


toasty goes to nitika and asks her what she is doing here and that she should be at the marriage hall now..nitika hugs toasty and begins to Cry..toasty asks her what happened and to tell her..nitika faints..dadaji asks if whether ved married and got her home??tej helps toasty and they get her to the sofa..he asks gyan to get some water..dadaji, pashu, chedi and prachin go to ved..he says everything happened so soon that..prachin says but you should have called us..dadaji says by not telling us u did a wrong thing..pashu says that this wasnt expected from you..ved says what could i do..prachin says what do mean by what to do??tej atleast asked us and we voted but u took decision on your own??ved is Confused..prachin says that if u took the decision also then u should have called us we would have come as we all are ready??prachin says anyways in which temple did u get married??ved surprisingly asks marry??pashu Angry says yes marry..

here dimple, sudha and lalit come to nitika’s house..they see some people going out with bags and sudha taunts dimple for being late as she was late in getting ready..lalit says lets go in..dimple questions why they are taking bags off the house..lalit says may be she’s leaving the same night to somewhere..he sees juneja standing at a corner and says lets go in..he asks juneja what he is doing there and sees him Cry

some other ladies are consoling nitika’s mom..sudha and lalit notice this and wonder what’s happening??sudha goes to nitika’s mom and says that u r Cry even before you’ve done her bidaai..smita comes there and asks if nitika came..another lady says she came also and left also..smita, and toasty’s parentsConfused..sudha asks if nitika alone went to marriage hall??her mom says no but we threw her out of the house..they all are ShockedConfused..

chedi asks ved to tell why he did like that??ved says that no u are getting me wrong..dadaji says wow, a girl who is supposed to be at her marriage hall is with you and you are saying that we are mistaking you..nitika comes to her senses..pashu Angry asks ved why he did it and is about to hit him..ved asks what else could i do??prachin says you should have atleast thought of me as i had planned many things for your marriage..ved says someone please listen to me..pashu asks what’s left to listen and asks if he married in the same hall then where was rajan??

chedi says forget where rajan was but how dare he marry without our permission??dadaji also taunts saying that you only used to say that women are doors to hell then suddenly how did it convert into doors of heaven??ved says no dadaji its not like that..pashu and prachin ask then what’s the truth..ved screams that he didnt marry nitika..all are even moreShockedConfused..dadaji asks what did you tell??ved repeats that i said that i didnt marry her..all are relieved..nitika says he saying right..

toasty asks nitika what she is doing here with ved..pashu also asks ved the same thing of why he got her here??they all start presurising him…tej goes and tells them to let ved speak..ved narrates the entire incident..ved asks how could i leave her alone and come??dadaji asks ved why rajan and his mom cancelled the marriage??

here lalit asks how could they brake the marriage in the last moment..smita says how could rajan do this and is about to call rajan..sudha also supports smita..lalit asks them what do they think they are doing and if they’ve gone mad??smita says that rajan and his mom are mad and that from the time rajan has come into nitika’s life there’s not been a single day when she hasnt cried..at first we ignored it but now this is too much..lalit asks them but why did the marriage break off??

here pashu says that they might have created an issur with money as its happened earlier also..pashu says i dont understand why your parents are after him as there are many guys other than him..pashu tells im sorry nitika but to be frank its all your parents mistake..if u give a lot of space to someone then one day he only will start making you dance on their fingertips..dadaji turns around and asks her that when your parents gave them al that they wanted then why did they cancell the marriage??nitika looks at ved and ved nods asking her not to tell..ved tells dadaji that rajan never wanted to marry..

here nitika’s mom tells them the exact reason..smita says its not possible even in their dreams and not even in reality..sudha asks if wasnt ved supposed to be a bhamhachari??lalit says he is and is also very good..dimple says that maybe they wanted to cancell the marriage and for that they are making excuses..smita says u are right and that they are making stories..nitika’s mom shows sudha the photo and says that it happened beacuse of this..lalit, sudha and smita see the photo..lalit says you are doing injustice with your daughter..sudha supports him and asks nitika’s mom to see the photo and tells her that ved was helping her with the necklace as she had mehndi in her hands and that if you see the photo properly u will see her worried..

lalit says you dont have this much faith on your daughter and that you should have asked her atleast once..he asks did u ask her??she nods no..smita says that ved can never do it..lalit says that u have seen how ved has always helped you and that if ved had such things in his mind then would he have said sorry last time??sudha says you only said that if nitika’s marriage is happeneing then its beacuse of ved..then how could you??smita asks where is nitika now??nitika’s mom says no idea to which her dad says we dont want to know as it doesnt matter now where she is and how she is..

nitika tells them all that they need not be worried for her and that she’ll not trouble them further and that she’ll stay in a hotel..she tells ved that she’ll always be grateful to him for what he did..she says ill leave now..toasty gets up and asks nitika if she has money for staying and if not she can sell her earring and chain to get money..tej asks toasty what she is saying??toasty asks him that when she was saying she’ll stay in hotel u didnt question her??she asks nitika how she could say such things and that she is not going anywhere but is staying with her here only…she asks nitika if she thinks that just because chedi scolds or pashu screams does that mean that they dont have a heart??

she says that you dont understand that one man who runs away from women gets u to his home why??because of humanity..she says that here everyone feels for others but they understand it late..she asks nitika not to cry and goes to chedi and tells him that right now nitika needs a house and that ved has done a good jod and if u give your permission then it’ll be even more better..she asks if nitika could stay here till her matter gets solved??


chedi looks at dadaji..dadaji asks why are you looking at me..whatever you feel say that..if you feel yes then yes and if no then no..chedi nods yes…toasty is very happy and so are others..dadaji asks nitika to come to her..she takes his blessings and tells her not to worry as everyone has problems in life and that one should get scared of it and that they’ll find a solution to it soon..gyan asks toasty where nitika would stay..prachin says here only..gyan says i know but where here as u and i sleep in hall..chedi asks toasty to take nitika with her and asks tej to sleep in hall..tej agrees…chedi says we’ll discuss this matter tomorrow morning and find a solution to it and leaves..toasty takes nitika with her..

toasty sees ved with towel and asks him if he’s going for a shower now??he says that your friend nitika saw rajan’s mom in the temple and so in a hurry caught my hand so im going to bathe again..toasty looks at tej’s mom’s photo and says that whenever nitika is in some trouble ved reaches there to help her..she wonders if this is a coincidence or if it has more to it..


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