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Yeh Ishq Haaye 22nd April 2011 Written UpdateYeh Ishq Haaye 22nd April 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with one of Mallikas sidekicks dictating some work to Manjirir which she refuses to do as she has a meetings.Priyanka Mallikas other sidekick supports Manjirir and allots her the job to set the boardroom for the meeting.Manjiri leaves.Pooja and Akshay are discussing the cafe project.Akshay has some work so he leaves,during which Pooja recives a call from thier financers assistant who wants to have a meeting,and tells Pooja that if not now they will have to go to Lonavala to have the meeting.Pooja gets pleased and tells him that they cant hold the meeting today and they will meeting in Lonanvala.Pooja keeps the phone down being very pleased with her self as during this she can have Akshay all to herself without Manjiri being around.Manjiri goes to the board room and empties everything not realizing that she had put the contract papares for the meeting in the dustbin.Ranbir enters theroom and notices the file in the dustbin and shouts at Manjiri for being so irresponsible,while Manjiri realizes that Mallikas sidekicks had set this up.Akshay sees this happening and feels bad for Manjiri.Akshay meets Ranbir outside the boardroom and begins to discuss the project although he keeps looking at Manjiri who is crying while sorting the files.After Akshay and Ranbir leave Mallikas Chamchis come and tell Manjiri that this is what will happen when she tries to act abve her position of an intern and order her to get coffee for the meeting.In the cafe Akshay is unhappy seeing Manjiris plight,Pooja notices his beahvior and asks him what happened,Akshay says nothing.She tells him how he has to go to Lonanvala,Akshay says they both will go together as she is working with him-Pooja is pleased(Grrr…).Manjiri enters the cafe and asks Pooja of her health.Pooja says she is fine and being with Akshay will make her fine but quickly corrects herself.Manjiri and Akshay ignore each other as Manjiri takes coffee making Pooja very pleased that she managed to break such a strong freindship.At the boardmeeting the sponsor of YIH has come to discuss a new ad campaingn.Mallikas team of YIH puts forth an idea but the sponsor hates and reprimands Ranbir for such bad quality work and leaves saying that if this continues to happen hell withdraw from both the sponsorship and the cafe deal,and if he wants to fix things he has to meer him in Lonavala..After he leaves Ranbir shouts at Mallika for not cross ckecking the ad campaign and asks Manjiri to do it instead.Mallika tries to reason out with Ranbir,but he doesnt listen.They meet Pooja and Akshay,Manjiri too comes there.Ranbir tells Akshay that as he is going to Lonavala to meet the sponsor he should take Manjiri along with him too as she can have a meeting and present the ad campiangn for YIH as well.Mallika is angry and leaves in a huff,while Pooja is unhappy with the proceedings.
Manjiri tells Pooja that she wont go to Lonavala and will send her presentaation with her instead.Later on Manjiri accuses Akshay of trying cheap tactics to get close to her.


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