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Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 22nd April 2011 Written Update [Hindi Serials]

Its morning at swarna bhavan, Abha comes to ranchods room and sees that he is asleep she knocks on the door and calls out ranchods name a few times till he wakes up and tells him that jaggu has called them downstairs. Veer comes to vimil and shelly’s room to inform them the same thing: jaggu has called them downstairs. Shelly and vimil look at each other.

Everyone meets downstairs in the lobby. Jaggu is standing there. Vimil asks what is wrong. Jaggu says that since karan is not in the world the houses will, will be made again. But right now the house is in ranchods name. Ranchod smirks and everyone is shocked. Jaggu continues, but right now the power of attorney is in his hands so he can make a decision on who will get Swarna bhavan. Vimil is angry/confused.

Jaggu says that he has made many mistakrs in his life and doesn’t want to do injustice to anyone. The will of the house is on the desk and jaggu tells everyone that whoever wants the happiness of this house can come and get it. He sits down on the chair and looks away. Pratibha comes towards him. Everyone looks at the envelope. Pratibha looks at everyone worried. Jaggu asks what is wrong. He calls out shelly and vimils name. everyone is quiet. Jaggu continues that yesterday they wanted to ruin the houses happiness, now what happened. Now that the papers are on the table why are they taking it.

Abha thinks that jaggu has made her decision easier and goes towards him. Shelly runs to the papers before her though and picks it up shocking everyone. Abha comes forward and takes blessing from pratibha. Abha says that she has chosen her happiness, she looks at jaggu and goes toward him and is about to take his blessing but jaggu stops her. Abha says that she doesn’t want anything, not property nor the house, but only them. She says that Swarna bhavan was on karans name and as his wife she is willing to sign the release papers. She tells shelly to give her the papers, but Ranchod takes it first and says that he isn’t. He takes the papers to jaggu and throws it on the desk and leans on the desk.

PRECAP: Ranchod is telling abha that he wont sign any deal and that he wants Swarna bhavan.

Shelly points at ranchod and says that he has greed in him. Ranchod says correct, and says so what. He continues that he has said what he wanted to say and doesn’t feel like he has to answer shelly’s opinion and walks away. Everyone is shocked,. Abha walks away. Vimil says that jaggu needs to open his eyes and that Ranchod’s blood may be jaggu’s but his upbringing is done by someone else, and that ranchod can do anything for money. Ranchod was only here because he wanted the house. Vimil says that jaggu has to decide if he wants that type of person in the house still or if he wants to throw him back out on the street, where he came from.

Kanika says enough and that she doesn’t want to stay in a house where no one has an idea of who is their own or strangers and goes away. Everyone leaves the place and pratibha goes to jaggu and asks that if upbringing is the only thing that is important. Jaggu says that no matter what he believes in his blood.

Abha stops ranchod and says that she doesn’t believe that he would do something like this. Till today whatever he did was for her wellbeing. Ranchod interupts her and says that she was the one who always reminded him that he was a son in this family and that he should live like one and now that he has asked for his right everyone is pissed? He tells her that he wont sign anything because he wants Swarna bhavan. Ranchod walks away Abha is left looking at him.

PRECAP: Shelly is holding something in her saree and is walking when vimil sees her and calls her.

Abha is standing there and the song DON’T SAY ALVIDA SAD VERSION – SHREYA GHOSHAL is playing. She walks into her room and starts crying while holding on to karans photo. She asks him to come back to her from wherever he is because now its hard for her to handle this house on her own.

The doctor lady is trying to get karan to write something. Mother comes running in and says that in Ujjain some famous baba can help karan.

Shelly is on the phone with dushant and asks if everything is ready. Dushant says yes and there are no problems. He asks when she is coming. Shelly says that she is on her way.

Doctor lady refuses to get The baba’s help. She doesn’t believe the baba’s power. She looks at karan and he is all hyper, he is trying to say something but cant. The doctor lady tells him to write it but he is only able to write the letter ”U”.

Shelly is holding something under her saree and is walking when vimil comes and asks her about her Saree’s weirdness. Shelly is nervous and asks what he is doing here. Vimil says that he forgot a file. Shelly says that her saree is not weird. Vimil goes. Shelly holds on to the box.

Doctor lady is confused. Mother says that maybe karan is trying to say that he wants to be treated in Ujjain or perhaps he is from Ujjain. Doctor lady looks at karan and asks him the same thing. Karan nods, and doctor lady agrees to treat him in Ujjain. Doctor lady thanks the mother. Doctor lady says that she will do anything to fix ‘neal’. She hopes that he can start a new life in Ujjain or that something good will happen.

MONDAY: police tell jaggu not to be smart and that they found fake bills in his house and therefore have to arrest him


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