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Hamari Devrani 15th April 2011 Written Update | latest Update

The five aunts, and determined to stop Vrinda from marrying Mohan, but in the hospital, the men have persuaded Mohan to get married to Vrinda, according to the wishes of Ashta, and the marriage is arranged in the hospital. The women are invited by the men, but they make a furore and the men tell them it can not be stopped, and they should come,.

In the hospital, the marriage ceremony takes place in Ashta’s room, and she is happy, and the pandit declares the marriage is complete, and Mohan and Vrinda are husband and wife. The women, come marching along the hospital corridor, but they reach late, and then they try to persuade Ashta with the hope that they will be able to kick Vrinda from their midst. To their surprise and disappointment, Ashta chooses Vrinda over the Aunts, and tells Manjula who was hoping to stay with her in the hospital, that she can go home, as she has her new Mother, Vrinda Ma. Manjula’s jaw drops.

They go home and are still planning to make a show down, when the couple comes home. As Vrinda kicks the rice bowl, and enters the house, Manjula stares at Vrinda and she in turn looks at her like a tigress waiting to pounce on its prey,.

They have not seen what Vrinda is capable of. Dev and Ashta had seen her first hand, when she tackled the robbers. Wait for more show downs, between Vrinda and the other Devranis. Who will have the final round?


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